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Thabo Ledimo

Thabo Ledimo is an influential speaker, young entrepreneur who believes in doing thing differently. Using innovation to shake things up and to bring about interruption in the field of brand story telling and branding.

A bookworm and a lover of jazz. He has authored three books and a short story!

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Mudau ES (pty) ltd was founded in 2013 and focuses on providing best classical entertainment with best feedback results. Our mission is to provide best classical entertainment through soothing sounds that brings joy, love and peace amongst humanity.

We serve clients in many different industries and or institutions, from public to private organizations. Our experience in entertainment helps us to prepare ourselves before every event to provide the best entertainment catering different genre to fit and or suit the event type we are invited to.

Our team is comprised of professionals with experience that drives the company to its successful rate, which covers communication, music director, financial manager and our own artist who is Mr. Mudau ES.

Our company was founded by Mudau ES who has been in the music industry for 13 years and founded other choirs like Nissan SA Choir (Rosslyn), Black.Entertainers, also been Music Director of Dr. George Mukhari Academic Hospital Choir, Assistant conductor Univen Choir, choir trainer

Our company can deliver the best classical entertainment you require.



The company not only is ran by Mudau ES as the Director, but also has the following hands:

Mr. J Manamela, who is the Music director in the company

Ms. D Malemela who is the communications manager, and lastly

Ms. B Nkoane who is the financial manager in the company.

With their experience, the Company at hand has tended to float well within its comfort sea zone.

What inspired you to do opera?

 When growing up, there was not much to do where I was staying, while studying further, until I joined clap and tap music from our local area where I was residing by then. Choral music was not even my favorite in that time. That was like that until I went to the University and decided to join the institution choral choir. This is then where everything began. Fell more in love with this genre. Had my fair take as a chorister, assistant conductor, solo lead singer and so on.

With new work for survival reasons, that’s where I got noticed and that’s then where I also re-discovered the new me in classical music.

 How can you describe your style?

Many still mistaken this to be opera music, in which there is huge different in what I sing and opera. What I do is simply provide classical music, where its in more of a way of singing pop music in a classical manner also referred to as “classical Cross-over”.

What is the process of producing a single song?

 Differs with every composer. Some start by lyrics, while some start by a beat. With me, its both. Most of the songs I composed are real life steered as in its based something that happened and or something that touched me.

Chorus part of the songs comes first then the rest will follow. Sometime, I can start a new song by just playing with the keys. At some point, a song can even start while im just taking a walk, then will try to record it using a phone so that I don’t forget the tune and or the lyrics which started the song.

 Which other musicians inspires your craft?

Andrea Bocelli; I’m so inspired by his work, achievement and the history behind his making. His work and success drives to seeing the future of my work. Yet again, we have Il Divo, one of the best 4 tenors to bring about and or present crossover music in a style that is amazing.

And lastly, though not on the genre as I am, `Michael Bolton, love his lyrics and the way he presents them.

Where do you see the brand 5 years from now?

 I used to tell people that there is a different between being an entertainer and an artist, and the different is that as an entertainer, your focus becomes money and that entertainers normally disappears within a few period of years, they become famous this year, next year you hear nothing about them, vanished.

Then with an artist, its all in the name, its all about branding, its much focused on sustainability and putting a mark. Money is needed though, but an artist’s focus is much based on giving the best and leaving the customer, fans and audience with an wow expression.

Thus, this the route our company is focusing on taking. To be well known on national and international level. Well established. It is our wish to own our own musicians as in instrumentalists than hiring them per event. Thus, in short to provide job opportunity for other musicians and other needed crew for the company at hand.

Favorite quote?

 “Whatever you are, be a good one”


 Which events have you done in the past?

Just to start up as an addition, we have an upcoming event titled “Mudau ES Live In Concert”

That will be held on the 01/05/2016 at the Akasia town hall with tickets already available at Computicket.

To list few of events we’ve hosted and invited to as guest artist this includes the following: 

  • An evening live performance with Mudau ES
  • Night of love with Mudau ES feat Pam Jikwa
  • Night of love with Mudau ES
  • Christmas Carols with Tswelopele chorus feat Mudau ES
  • Garankuwa Nursing College Graduation Ceremony 2014
  •  The Society of Midwives of SA Conference
  • Nissan SA Gala Dinner Golf day
  • Nissan SA Blanket Drive
  • Nissan SA AFCON opening ceremony 2013
  • Nissan SA Mandela day celebration & Year End Function
  • Leeukop Correctional Service AIDS Day
  •  George Mukhari Hospital Excellent award ceremony 2013, 2014 & 2015
  • Dr George Mukhari Hospital Open Day 2015
  • Dr George Mukhari Hospital Psychiatric Unit Users and drug abuse
  •  Professor MCM Modiba Scholarship Fund fundraising
  • TUT (PRETORIA MAIN CAMPUS) Nursing Scholarship Day
  •  Hlanganani Youth Foundation annual celebration 2015
  • Hlanganani Youth Foundation annual celebration 2014

And more not listed still outstanding to include weddings, graduations, birthday parties, Memorial services and church events.


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