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‘Mbiu’ is a ‘Kiswahili’ term which translates to horn.Traditionally in African societies a horn was blown to call people to a single location to notify them about what was going on in that village.

‘Mbiu’ is a digital media company that showcases innovation and creativity in the African lifestyle space.  Our aim is to show what Africa has to offer to the whole world. ‘Mbiu’ is the horn and it’s the medium used to call the rest of the world to come and witness what Africa and its lifestyle culture is all about. The word ‘Mbiu’ gives the magazine more of an African feel.

Our main aim is to have a platform that can unite Africans. A platform in which we can learn about different African cultures. This ensures that you are always up to date with what is happening in Africa. The online magazine will be published once every two months.

We have a lifestyle magazine called Afrikan Mbiu that showcases different countries in Africa.It involves writers from different countries in Africa.

We also offer video coverage that will come as a package with photography.

We will be covering for our clients.

-Events Corporate or Otherwise
– Press Conference
– Product Launches
– Forums
– Music Videos

Go digital with Afrikan Mbiu today and enjoy your favourite magazine anytime, anywhere.

To contact us send us an email at info@afrikanmbiu.com or call us at +254703256896/254707215290

Disclaimer: Not all images are ours, and we will remove any if unwittingly in breach of copyright.

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