African Youth Wake Up Call. Get Involved!

African youth and the way in which society and shifted their mindset

Miyelani Mkhabela once wrote

Africa must develop its youth cadres to be the true vanguard of the continent. Ambassadors of strategic plan and policy execution to fast-track development. African youth must work to strengthen African unity. In addition, they must understand continental challenges to enable them to become the future leaders the continent requires

A typical South African young person he is occupied with the American lifestyle. They look at the actors and musicians and want to be like them. However, in order for such a life to exist, the political system had to be improved.

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Young people would rather gather in one place to drink and do drugs. Instead of meeting to talk about ways that will change their society without a political agenda. The problem with putting a political agenda on everything is that the parties are no longer concerned about helping and serving the people but campaigning for the next political elections.

The question is. “If the likes of Madiba, Sisulu and Biko lived the way that young people live, where would this country be?


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