Arise Fashion Week 2018

Arise Fashion Week 2018 Back with a bang!

After their long break, Arise Fashion week grand return involved showcasing designs of close to fifty designers from different countries in Africa over the Easter holiday weekend.

The colorful event took place in Nigeria. It was attended by many both the show casers and witnesses’ to the best of the best designs around the world! Below are some of the inspirations behind some of the creative projects by different designers;

Arise Fashion Week 2018

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  1. Vonne Couture from Ivory Coast

  1. Rich Mnisi from South Africa

The collection was inspired by sources outside of the realm of fashion, including film, music, art and nature, being immersed but measured, picking up only the fitting notes to gather as foundation.

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  1. Gozel Green of South Africa

Founded by Sylvia Enekweand Olivia Okoji were influenced and rightly credit their identity as what drives creativity for them;

  1. Sunny Rose of Nigeria

The collection was inspired by her travels around the globe


  1. About that Curvy Life of Nigeria

ION we hope there’s no more long breaks for Arise fashion week.

Photos courtesy of Reze Bonna, Arise 

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