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 What is Love?

Love and sexuality are intimately related. They lead to the maintenance and reproduction of the species.
Love involves the preservation of oneself and group. Life is about growth, and fulfilling one’s potential.
A baby is born full of potential!  It is born with a certain level of mental activity. However, there’s a potential for great intellectual, psychological, social growth. Love would permit these potentials to express and actualize itself.
 Love has its own natural high—its own euphoria.There’s a tendency to smile, to be free and honest. It takes you beyond yourself. You glow and people pick up your glow, it becomes infectious and people reflect it back you to. Therefore, you like dancing, singing and being a little “silly” at times with people who you love. It is a beautiful kind of experience that makes you naturally want to stay with your people. Moreover, you want to be a part of its movement forward.


Black Love

Black Love is REVOLUTIONARY. There’s no black power, unity, and pride without Black love. Black Love is the key to our liberation and empowerment as a people.


 Africa men must love their sisters. Their chocolate skin, full lips, beautiful breasts, and apple bottoms.
A real African gentleman understands the importance of putting his race first and practicing self-preservation and group economics.
In addition, the sisters must teach their black sons the importance of valuing the bodies of African women.  As well as, being loyal to their women.


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