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Secret to be the Ultimate Warrior – Tagu Tribe

Bomani,a son of Africa,once asked an old wise seer “what is the secret to be an ultimate warrior?”.For a long time he had idolized the warriors within the African continent. Their tales of conquest and plunder. The old man answered “the journey is long and challenging. The first important step is to go to the villages of each of the four main tribes of the Mbiu nation. In each tribe you will face a test which if you pass you will be given a powerful weapon that will be important for your journey to become the ultimate warrior” The four main tribes in Mbiu nation were Tagu, Zatura, Kurwu and...
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Zatura Tribe – Journey in the hot and dry Desert

Zatura tribe was in the south. A dry area that could get really sunny and hot. A desert. The Zatura tribe were nomads.They were intelligent and witty. He walked his way to the main village where the noblemen were.The village was beautifully constructed.Each house with beautiful designs painted on the outside of it.Most were made out of mud with well engraved wooden doors and windows. One of the noblemen approached him and confidently uttered, “the task you need to get through to get the warrior gift is to walk in the desert for 40 days to a place called Guerdon and back. Once there you will receive a wrapped package....
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Kurwu Tribe- Secret to becoming the Ultimate Warrior

Kurwu tribe village was situated at the base of the Amanzi waterfall. As he sauntered into the village, he could not help but enjoy all that he saw.It was full of lush and green life, trees and bushes of all types and fruits of different colours and sizes They were known for farming and agricultural activities. Once there he met the headman. The headman warned gazing upwards, “an intelligent enemy is worth more than a stupid friend, you are going to prove to us how intelligent you are” .He guided him to the hut where the senior elders were seated .He started “We are going to ask you three riddles...
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Ayande Tribe : The craftsmen from Mbiu

Eventually Bomani reached the gates of the Ayande tribe. The kinsmen are known for their craftsmanship and their love for entertainment. They had the best weavers, blacksmiths and tanners in the whole Mbiu nation. The challenge for him was to learn the warrior dance. The best dancer in the village who was a tall dumb man took him to one of the huts and work began on training him on the dance. He had to learn it overnight and dance in front of the whole village the next morning. The dance was very complex and intricate .He was not a good dancer. He really struggled but kept at it the...
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