Chaantal and Eric Omondi are couple goals

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Our couple goal for this week is Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi and his Italian girlfriend Chantal. Here are a few reasons we are so into them.

Reasons why Chaantal and Eric Omondi are couple goals

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1.They will make cute babies

Sense of humour+nice hair + good look from the mum=the most talented and beautiful babies ever.

2.She supports his hustle

You know you have a ride or die on your side when she sits front row in most of your shows and looks at you like this.Chantal is in awe of how talented Eric is.

3.He is romantic

Eric omondi is the reason we should also start dating Luo men from the gifts to PDA,we can’t get over how romantic Eric is.

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4.They have matching Benz

What more can we say? Matching benzes with customised name plates.


5.They are not afraid to showcase their love all over SM

Is it even real if bae doesn’t claim you on IG?

To a year of Great Love and Success… #MyWomanMyEverything @miss.chanty

A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi) on

6.They hustle together

A couple that hustles together, stays together.Chantal has been seen on various projects such as the Ocharge video and the Adam and Eve video.

The other day Eric Omondi become real hubby goals we are speechless

Some reactions from the internet



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