Coffee Table Styling In 5 Easy Steps

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Coffee table styling is one of the quickest ways to add some personality, glam and function to your living room. Compared to styling a shelf, a coffee table is much easier. Today am sharing 5 key items you need and how to make sure your table is not too cluttered.


1.  Flowers

With so many flowers and vase in the market to choose from it can be really confusing.  When choosing a vase, get a round one. It can be made of see through glass, a ceramic one or a metallic one which I opted for. You can also spray paint it with a metallic fast drying paint if DIY is your thing. With valentines day around the corner I thought red flowers were appropriate. The flower vase can be found at MR Price Home in Nairobi.

2. Tray

A tray is a must have to keep things organized. I wanted to get those gorgeous mirrored trays you see everywhere but all I found in stores were plastic kitchen trays.  I was on a real hunt for them but couldn’t get them and on my way out of one mall I saw these super cheap gorgeous picture frames with mirrored edges. Got one and it works perfectly! For those in Kenya you can get one here

3.  Candles

Let the candles you choose reflect your personal taste as well as look great. I already talked about my all time favorite Jo Malone candle. The other two are simple candles I picked up with a flowery and sweet scent that fills room. Choosing colored candles is great way to add some color to your coffee table. For that glam factor, go for glass or faux glass candle holders of different sizes. Three candles is all you need placed on the tray.

4. Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are a must have when it comes to coffee table styling. Three jewelry boxes of different sizes work perfectly and when stacked on top of each other look really good. Glass see through boxes of any kind work as well. The bigger one holds the remote, the middle one has some of my favorite candy to suck on at anytime and the smaller one has dried scented flowers. Place these on the tray as well.

5. Books / Magazines

Time to pull out some of your favorite magazines or books. A variety of topics is best and they should also look good. You want to stack them on top of each other starting with the smallest. Magazines are thinner so you can stack as many as 7 or 8. For thick books, three is the maximum. Keep them in place with a structural item or a candle and your coffee table styling is done

What’s on your coffee table? Any challenges with styling it?


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