More Educated Women,More Sex It is Fact

When it comes to choose whether to attend a university party, today’s young male adults consider only one fact more than others. Will ladies be present? Perhaps now more than ever,there are more ladies than men in the parties. Research shows that more ladies are enrolling to universities than men. Women now account for 60% of the masters degrees based on a GRE Survey

More Eduated Women

Women represent 65% of college graduates in the UAE, 60% in Brazil. Across the world, according to OECD out of thirty four countries, twenty-seven, women have more college degrees than men. Norway has the largest difference, at about 18 percent. Australia and most of the European countries hover at about 10 percent. In,2007 in the United States of America to make it more equal, women were being rejected because of being women.
Its more of imposing a quota system to gender to even it out. Recently I was invited as a guest lecturer to a law class in one of the local universities in Nairobi,Kenya. I noticed that in that class of approximately 70 students ,two-thirds were ladies and one third gentlemen. With a larger population of ladies in universities across the world as shown. Is that the case with African universities as well? Could this be what is happening in major cities across Africa: Johannesburg, Lagos, Nairobi and Accra? If that’s the case, will there be a shift on how we perceive the man-woman relationship. Thus more women educated have the standard requirements they need from a man (partner) been raised?
In the birds kingdom,the peahen is the one responsible in choosing the male peacock for mating purposes.According to an experiment done in US , the peahen looks closely at the peacock’s wings and tail feathers to ascertain the caliber of the peacock

Too many fish in the sea

Economists argue that human beings respond to incentives either adversely or positively. Do men in universities respond differently with regards to dating because there are more ladies present? Jon Birger argues that when women are in oversupply —as they are today at most U.S. colleges and universities—men play the field. Thus, women are more likely to be treated as sex objects
Is this also happening in Africa or is our traditional culture as Africans protecting us from such behaviour. Certainly from my perspective, in Nairobi there are signs that the hook up culture is starting to become a norm .
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