Entrepreneurial Lessons from the City

Heading down to a school talk in a school in central Pretoria. You know how Pretoria is, the vibes are on point, the people are vibrant and in keen to hustle by any, all means possible.

The Window Washer

We stop at a traffic light, a guy comes to the window and offers to wash the windscreen. We tell him that we did not require his services. In fact, the driver tells him to leave rudely.
After the lights turn green we keep on moving. I look in the rearview mirror, I see the guy washing another car. At that moment I get my biggest lesson in business, persistence.

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How many times have you failed?

How many entrepreneurs after a few rejections make them think that the field is not for them? The guy will always be at the street lights washing your window no matter what people say.
We should strive to get the sale day in and day out no matter what. Business is all about not giving up, it comes with the heart.
As Al Pacino said,

“Life is a game of inches, one-half second not there you don’t quite make it, by step too late you don’t quite get it.”

Thus my question to you an entrepreneur is, what are you willing to go through?

“The match is won by the persistent ones”


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