EVENT REVIEW;Art and wine by Kanfasi

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It’s a Saturday afternoon, you’re in the park, it’s a bright and sunny day. You’re cloaked in a bright yellow apron, with a paint brush in your hand or just paint. Your work is guided, by a passionate artist who calls the tune to your piece of art. And for that day, you are Pablo Picasso, or Van Gogh or better yet you’re Patrick Mukabi (Just Google him).  You feel like your art facility is blooming. You’re the quintessential artist, not only are you in the park but you have paired your art with the finest wine and cheese to get those creative juices flowing. Pure bliss.


But where is this magical place???

Why, it’s the revolution of socializing, a way to interact, relax, learn and enjoy the beauty that art has to offer. Art and wine by Kanfasi is a product of a team that knows very well what it is doing, and for the most part does it very well. The event was held at Warwick Centre because of the rains but it’s usually done at Karura forest, so ambiance points are 100%. There’s actually a professional artist who directs the participants every step of the way. This might sound like a recipe for an art disaster if you are not art savvy but don’t worry, it’s a conducive environment to learn. In my opinion everyone’s art added up quite nicely. The best part of the event is that you get to go home with what you’ve created (actually maybe the second best, the wine is top of the list). Mia wines had a variety of wines offered, but my personal favourite was the Blue Nun sparkling gold flaked semi-dry white wine. A special shout out to Daniel who I consistently and confidently christened Martin the whole event, my apologies. The event elegantly ties up with the cheese provided by Raka cheese. I had some fried Paneer Raka cheese which will need a week worth of the gym but some calories are definitely worth it.


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“One should always be drunk. That’s all that matters…But with what? With wine, with art, with poetry, or with virtue, as you chose. But get drunk.”

Charles Baudelaire

Alexandria Akena.

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