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The first thing we need to know about the gym is what to store in our gym bag.I am going to talk about my top gym essentials.I will advise you to keep it at a minimum cause there is no use of carrying your whole handbag. it’s too much work.

I carry a cute backpack, I don’t do the typical gym bags, I don’t understand them, they are too huge, like am I moving to the gym.I am assuming you already have your workout gear on.


Typical Gym Bag



Which one do you prefer?

Here are my essentials,or what I usually carry in my bag;

  1. Towel

83945_lonBath Towel JA19006 WEB-min

I sweat a lot so I need to keep it at bay with a small handy towel.I would suggest something colourful so that you don’t get to see the dirt.Also, something small, don’t carry your bathroom towel, just something small to keep wiping your face.

  1. Headphones


I love listening to music while working out, it gives me the psyche I need.It is also the perfect excuse not to have a conversation with people in the gym (if you are antisocial).

  1. Gloves


This is part of the workout gear, but most of the time I forget mine, so I have a permanent pair in my bag.This is a protective gear especially if you will be doing a lot of heavy weight lifting.Your arms shouldn’t suffer and in the end you will end up with the rough arms, which is not a good feeling

  1. Wet Tissues


I have never used them, as my Gym has a bathroom.But I like to have them around and plus it makes me look more ladylike.

  1. Water Bottle


Some gyms usually offer cups, so you can opt to use theirs.I personally carry my water bottle everywhere.This Nairobi heat has no mercy.


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