Happy New Year! 2018 is here!!

Happy New Year to my lovely readers! 😊😊
I am so so excited to be in 2018! I know this is the fresh start that many of us need. Another chance to start over, another chance to prove yourself, another chance to do try again, and mostly another chance at life.

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Here are a few pointers on how you should start your year.

1. Set goals or make resolutions.

You can’t just live life aimlessly. You need to know where you are from, where you at, and where you are heading to. Set goals for things you want to achieve and trust me, you will be congratulating yourself at the end of the year. Having goals is not all about achieving them but about moving a step or two or more further, forward from where you are. About continuing to achieve the impossible and never giving up.

2. Have a planner.

Get out you calender or journal and mark any important dates. Make sure this year you don’t forget your best friend’s, your wedding anniversary, a football match with your friends, your cousin’s wedding, your child’s bring your father to school day, that harambee you were informed of a month ago, etc. Know which particular day you have to be free so you plan ahead. Make sure you update your planner ever 2-3months.

3. Have a budget.

To be specific, a year’s budget. You know roughly what you were spending last year. Check on what you were overspending on or what you were buying unnecessarily.

4. Make an impact in people’s lives, a positive impact.

Do good. Coz it costs nothing to do good. Tip that mama mboga with a stall right at the corner where you buy groceries every day, give some of your clothes you don’t wear anymore to that relative that can’t afford, help that friend get a job, buy them a nice suit to attend the job interview with, help that new workmate operate the photocopier/printer,say hi to the watchman at your estate’s gate, and such like.❤😊

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