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Thabo Ledimo

Thabo Ledimo is an influential speaker, young entrepreneur who believes in doing thing differently. Using innovation to shake things up and to bring about interruption in the field of brand story telling and branding.

A bookworm and a lover of jazz. He has authored three books and a short story!

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When starting out it was not just a big operation but there was a lot of heart. And this is what I believe is needed in every business venture especially one which commercializes one of the earth scare commodity (water).

The entrepreneurs knew of this and this wanted to make a difference through their business and they decided to educate people of ways of saving water! Lebogang Legau, Thabo Ledimo and Tshepo Chochoe are three young social entrepreneurs who are bringing water to the market with a different feel! Having learnt from the best and do their homework



These young entrepreneurs are here to disrupt the beverage industry!!! Africa be ready! You can follow Keep Up Water on Facebook : Keep Up Water!!!

Join the movement!!!

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