Kenyan Visual Artist Tahir Carl Karmali launches the Jua Kali Series

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Kenyan visual artist Tahir Carl Karmali recently launched his  Jua Kali series  in an  exhibition in Brooklyn.

For the series , he explored the theme of the Kenyan economy and how the informal sector, the Jua kali workers, are fueling the city of Nairobi.

Tahir-Carl-Karmali-Jua-Kali-FS-01-min Tahir-Carl-Karmali-Jua-Kali-FS-03-min Tahir-Carl-Karmali-Jua-Kali-FS-02-min Tahir-Carl-Karmali-Jua-Kali-FS-10-min Tahir-Carl-Karmali-Jua-Kali-FS-12-min

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