Kurwu tribe village was situated at the base of the Amanzi waterfall. As he sauntered into the village, he could not help but enjoy all that he saw.It was full of lush and green life, trees and bushes of all types and fruits
of different colours and sizes They were known for farming and agricultural activities. Once there he met the headman. The headman warned gazing upwards, “an intelligent enemy is worth more than a
stupid friend, you are going to prove to us how intelligent you are” .He guided him to the hut where the senior elders were seated .He started “We are going to ask you three riddles that are important to us. They

are the cornerstone of what we teach our children here about life lessons and you need to get all of them right. For any you get right, a horn will be blown.” He looked around and saw a young boy in a mask holding a horn. The first one came
“I am born tall, but I die very short. I am used inside the house. Who am I?”
He answered “candle” .The boy blew the horn to claps and nods. He braced himself for the next one.
It falls standing but runs on its belly?
For five minutes he racked his brain as to what the answer could be.He answered “rain” again the horn
sounded. This time it was distant as thoughts ran through his mind.
“Why is a man like pepper?”

Kurwu tribe test

“Until you have tested him you can’t know how strong he is” His response was followed by deep raucous
laughter that made him unsure whether he was right or wrong. All of a sudden, the boy dropped the horn
and jogged toward him and dropped something at his feet. It was a rope made of the finest reeds and sisal.
He picked it up and started pulling on and testing it. It was ten times the strength of a normal rope.
One of the Kurwu tribe elders uttered,“You have succeeded and this is your gift “. “Sleep the night and tomorrow
we send you on your way with our blessings” .As he lay on bed gazing at the stars that night, he focused on the next stop.

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