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Laser Hair Removal Rid Yourself of Annoying Body Hair

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Getting rid of unwanted body hair in your own home is easy, at least in a sense. You can get rid of It by shaving, waxing or plucking it away. However, it can seem a lot more difficult when the hair is located in an inconvenient area, such as on your back. It can also be frustrating when you keep getting rid of unwanted hairs and they grow back within days, such as after shaving. If you are looking for a better way to rid yourself of annoying body hair with less ongoing hassles, laser hair removal may be the answer.

Why Hair Grows Back Quickly After Shaving

Home treatments, especially shaving, may not seem effective when you are trying to get rid of unwanted hair. The reason shaving is ineffective is it is only a surface treatment. Most of each strand of hair actually grows below the surface. Only a little bit of each one pops out where you can see it. Therefore, shaving is only slicing them off, not taking them out. The parts remaining keep growing and quickly become visible again.

Why Laser Treatment Produces Better Results

Laser treatment produces better results than shaving. The reason any types of laser hair removalĀ devices are more effective at removing hair than shaving is the lasers can penetrate your skin. By getting down into the deeper layers, the whole shaft of each hair is targeted and damaged. Over repeated treatments, which are usually done in groups of four or five sessions, the damaged hairs fall out all the way down to the roots. Since nothing is left just below the surface, it takes much longer for
any hair to come back. In fact, that process may take weeks, and some hairs may never return at all.

Determining if You Can Have Laser Hair Removal

Lasers are extremely accurate and precise, but they have to have the right targets. The lasers hone in on what gives the hair its pigment, a substance called melanin. For that reason, dark hair on light skin is often easier to treat. However, there have been new advances in laser skincare in recent years. Now there are lasers capable of treating you if your skin is darker, but you still should not have laser treatment if your hair is blond or gray. It is also not a good idea to have laser treatment if your skin is excessively oily or you have large pores. That is because extra skin oil is heated during the laser treatment. That can lead to burns or discolored spots on your skin. Since dark-skinned people often have larger pores and more oily skin, your clinician may inspect your skin with extra care during your consultation, if your skin happens to be dark.

The Laser Hair Removal Appointment Itself

When you go in for your first laser hair removal appointment, you can expect your skin to be cleaned. The technician needs to make sure you have no perfumes or other substances on its surface. That is because substances like makeup, deodorant and other chemicals can cause burn risks during treatment. They can also make it more difficult for the laser device to locate the hairs you want to remove. Laser treatment is not very painful because your clinician can manage your discomfort with cold air or other methods, as needed. The most you should feel during the procedure is a bit of heat and a sensation of something gently snapping against your skin. After treatment, your skin may be red or sensitive to the touch. It will also be extra sensitive to sun exposure, so you will have to keep out of the sun for a while after your laser hair removal treatment. Your clinician will tell you how long.

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