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Welcome my fellow fitaddicts.I recently came across my love for working out,not necessarily coming across as my stomach was overflowing with goodness.This year one of my resolutions was to loose some weight thus the fit lifestyle.Some days I love it others I just want to die.I don’t understand why I have to suffer borh in the gyn and in the kitchen.


I decided to share my love for the fit lifestyle,by documenting my journey.This page will  basically be  about my fitness journey,what activities I will  be doing from martial arts,kick boxing or any outdoor activity.I  will also share my diet and also recipes for my favorite healthy dishes.

I will post weekly ,but you can follow me on Instagram  @cyn_obonyo for my workout videos.

Let the games begin.


Disclaimer;I am not a fitness guru,I just love working out and I love being active.


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