LOST AND FOUND [Of Makeup And Six Inch Heels]….

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Flavian Nashe
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Flavian Nashe

Born in 1994,Nashe fell in love with words at a tender age.A writer by day and a reader by night-he is passionately commuted to day dreaming.According to rumour,when not writing, he will be in the kitchen playing a wanna be Chef’s role and creating his own recipies [or so he claims].
This is a glimpse into his life,his experiences and his issues as he strives to create a life that he doesn’t have to take a vacation from;A life that inspires others…
Love And A Little Laughter
Flavian Nashe
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Ring the phone rings as I fumble to the kitchen to pick up the receiver

See, I just had a chat with this fella, He claims He loves you more

I am the way of St John 14

He talks in riddles, scribbles, scriptures that I once heard at Sunday school

I AM the light, the way, the truth,

Before existence, existed He says He already knew you

So here we stand, Hearts In hands, I now understand

Somewhere along the lines, someone changed your perspective, someone shifted your view

See Girl, You are called for more than makeup, Brazilian hair and six inch heels

No, He ain’t impressed by your eyelashes and nails

Look, He took lashes for your lashes and nails for your nails

He proposed to you on the cross before I even knew you

Girl, I know you think I am Crazy

But If you keep your eyes on Him, He will repair You

No longer refusing the Creator and craving attention from His creation

So Bae, don’t fall in love with the man I plan to be if am not following the ways of The One who loved you before I even knew you

If I really love you, I will beg you to marry Him first

His Name Is JESUS

If You follow Him He will protect you…

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