How to make your Bathroom Look Spacious

We have all ended up with a house with a small bathroom at some point, for those who have rented or bought a house before. Most of these times we lack the ability to do any renovations probably because we can barely afford it or your landlord does not approve his architectural structure being altered.

Here are some simple tips to make your bathroom seem spacious without breaking the bank or spending so much time.

1. Put up a mirror.

If it’s possible I would prefer a full-size mirror. Mirrors create the illusion of continuous space and you never have to feel like you are congested in there. And you have a whole mirror to check yourself every day!

2. Have enough cabinet space. 

Someone needs to explain why we always end up having so much stuff in the bathroom. There are beauty products, towels, sanitary supplies, and bathroom waning supplies. Others even have more than that. With this is important to have closed cabinets as opposed to open ones. Doesn’t mean you just throw everything in there, make sure it is placed in an organised manner so it’s easier to find and it also looks neater. This applies to those who have so much stuff. Sometimes the things you have are what makes your bathroom seem smaller because they are everywhere. If you don’t find in built cabinets then you can bring your own. Have your local carpenter make you one or head on to the furniture store and purchase one.

3. Proper lighting. 

You can be surprised at what just good lighting can do to your bathroom! You can use natural lighting from the window. If your window is too small add lamps or have a brighter bulb.
Do try out the tips above and make your bathroom spacious and neat! 😊

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