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Thabo Ledimo

Thabo Ledimo is an influential speaker, young entrepreneur who believes in doing thing differently. Using innovation to shake things up and to bring about interruption in the field of brand story telling and branding.

A bookworm and a lover of jazz. He has authored three books and a short story!

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Mpumalanga Leadership 2020 brings you Three guys who are currently changing South Africa.



Bulelani Balabala(@bulelanibala) is an amazing entrepreneur, author and speaker. He is #MrGetThingsDone


Malibongwe Xaba(@mallyzn) is an ordinary young man with an extraordinary vision. He is One Young World Ambassador, Author and Speaker


Sbusiso Leope(@sbuleope) is one of the greatest entrepreneur of our time. He is an Author and Social Entrepreneur


Mpumalanga you will be amazed…

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