Mystery Cookies Episode 3 Part 1

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“Are you okay?” Lariba asked Catherine after noticing a surprised expression on her face when she reached for her pen.

“I’m okay. It’s just that…..” Catherine started and paused. “Never mind,” she said and answered her phone which was ringing.

Comfort Aning stepped out of her office to attend the departmental meeting and saw Catherine answering her phone. She opened her mouth to pass a comment and suddenly decided against it after Catherine rolled her eyes at her. She walked away.

The office got into a frenzy in her absence. It was another colleague, Eugene’s birthday and Agyeiwaa, as usual, was moving around and fussing over the birthday cake which was delivered to him not long ago by his girlfriend.

“That girl must really love you. Boy, this cake is so huge and I’m definitely helping you to finish that,” she exclaimed as she stared at the red velvet cake which sat on his table.

Eugene laughed and got up to do a fist bump with Nii Teiko who had just entered the office to celebrate with him.

“Yo bro, happy birthday. I heard about your cake so I’m here to see for myself.” Nii Teiko said as he settled on Eugene’s desk and turned around to catch a glimpse of Catherine.

Her seat was empty much to his disappointment and he wondered where she could be because he couldn’t locate her anywhere in the office. Catherine walked into the office a few minutes later after finishing her breakfast in the canteen. Nii Teiko’s face sparkled with delight when he saw her walk in and winked at her when their eyes met. She ignored him and suddenly remembered the cookies she found in her desk and cringed once again at the possibility that he could be behind it.

The door flew open almost immediately Catherine settled into her seat and in walked Comfort Aning. Everyone shuffled to their seats and the office grew quiet again.

“When the cat is away, the mice will definitely play” she stated and sniffed in the air and walked towards her office. “Young man, you can’t just walk into this place and sit on desks. Don’t you have manners?” she stated when she saw Nii Teiko sitting on the desk.

He looked quite terrified. He had heard of how wild and bad-tempered she was but he had never had an encounter with her.

“Are you not supposed to be in your office? What are you doing here?” she probed further.

Nii Teiko said nothing and kept staring at her. Catherine and Lariba tried hard to suppress their giggles while Jacinta cast an unsympathetic look at him, quite happy with what was going on.

“I don’t want to see you here again unless you have an important business with this department. Now walk out,” she instructed.


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