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Rushda Behardien

Financier by trade, married to my best friend, Mum to three rowdy boys and blogger as a hobby. I am a fashionista at heart, and take great joy in sharing things with like minded individuals.
I work as a business strategist, mentor, coach and consultant.

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Rushda Behardien
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 Hi beautiful readers!
This week one phone call catapulted me into such a profound space, which I instinctively felt I have been preparing for all month. Unknown, I had been preparing for the invitation which every Muslim yearns for, the invitation to perform pilgrimage and visit the Holy lands. And this after I had accepted that it would possibly only happen next year, and I was content to wait my turn. I spent the first day in a daze and sprang into action by day 2 since I literally only have a month before I leave. By nature, I am usually well prepared and usually have all my travel arrangements sorted ages before I leave.
This time though, I don’t have that luxury, the trip is not one where I am able to determine my flight dates, airlines, mode of transfer from the airport and so on. And yet, I am comfortable to take my pick from options presented by my travel agent, trusting that what must be must be.
This is unusual for me, and yet so liberating. I don’t feel stressed that the hotel won’t be as I expect, or worried about the flight (I do NOT like flying!!) or even concerned about the Saudi heat. My focus has shifted to ensuring my kids and home are taken care of. My priority is to cultivate my spiritual being, ensuring it is open, clear, uncluttered and able to make the most of the journey, the experience and connecting with my Creator. I am constantly filled with the greatest feeling of awe and gratitude.
Today’s post is, therefore, a celebration of our beautiful city, which I will leave behind, the stunning back drop of Table Mountain a perfect example of the beauty of God’s (Allah SWT) creations. It was super chilly, but there’s nothing like the smell of the sea, and the sun on my face to feel grounded and part of the universe.
The outfit features a ZARA dress worn as a top, skinny jeans and comfy platform brogues.
















Outfit details:
ZARA dress
Guess jeans
Dune London brogues
Precious Rose scarf
Rebecca Minkhoff bag
Giorgio Armani sunglasses
Stance sequin socks
Honey earrings
Crystal Paradise pearl necklace
Chanel lips
Caio for now,
RuBe xoxo

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