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My name is BrendaMidamba, BestHealth Blog,BloggersAssociationofKenya(BAKE)awards 2016.
Alover ofGod , passionateaboutmany thingsHealthandfitnessdefinitelytopping the list. I have literallywatchedHealth and fitnessinAfrica, Kenyato be specificevolveright before my eyesover the years
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Apple cider Vinegar (ACV )  is literally  a  life  saver, I  am  not even kidding.

Need  good health? Call on  ACV

Need   healthy hair? Call on ACV

Need  a  husband? Call on ACV

Need  a  wife? Call on  ACV

Need  a……Okay I ran  ‘outta’  options……

I may  have  exaggerated  a little  bit  but  I guess what I am trying  to  say  is  that  ACV  is  pretty much multipurpose . Today I am just going to  highlight  3  top ways   I  use  it .

  1.  I  apply  on  my  face

I  mix  1tbsp  in  a  cup  of  water  and  smear it all over my face after washing  to prevent  acne

2. I  use it  as  my shampoo

Since,  my hair is natural ,I  avoid  shampoos  because  of  sulfate  that strips my hair  off  its  natural  oils. instead , I  use  ACV   mixed  with  water to clean  my  scalp  and  restore  my  Hair’s PH  balance.. Bam!  killing  two  birds  with  one  stone.

3. I  drink  it  with  my  water  in  the  morning

I mix  2bsp  in   my  500ml  water  bottle  and  drink  it  first  thing  in  the  morning  or  whichever  time  of  the  day, its  health  benefits  in  the  body include

  • helps improve heart health
  • Can prevent  Diseases like Cancer
  • It is  Anti-fungal  and kills bacteria
  • improves  digestion
  • aids in weight  loss
  • helps to balance blood sugar and prevent or reduce diabetes


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