Resilience vs Succumb: Where Do You Fall?

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We live in a world where people are born with an intensely frustrating inability to untangle themselves from emotions; mostly dark emotions.

It is utterly ignorant to assume you will not face challenges in this dreadfully savage world.

It’s a mad-sad-bad world!

Close to barbaric maybe…..

I have consistently used the lives of those around me as illustrative anecdotes. Everyone has their own take on life and we all use different approaches, what normally matters is the end result.

When you are hit by certain obstacles, this is when resilience -or the lack of it emerges.

If it is a series of pitfalls over a consistent period of one’s lifetime it can become really tiring. It is during such moments that the depths of despair get deep. And it becomes incredibly unsettling.

Picture this; Marvin now 25 was orphaned at 13. Life struck the first blow when he lost his mom at that tender age, and barely 12 months later the dad passed on. At least the thought of having an elder sibling and adoringly-present grandparents was comforting. But then again, death struck again two years later, this time losing his only brother to pneumonia. There was a stubbornness of hope in a young Marvin, he soldiered on, his deceased parents’ savings seeing him through school. At 17, Marvin lost his grandmother and his grandpa the only remaining family got blind. But still, the boy believed in his own exceptionality and made it to the university. Fast forward to this moment Marvin is an unemployed graduate and HIV positive. How do you give hope to such a soul that has been hit by every blow there is in life?

We are used to telling the downtrodden to be strong, stoic, uncomplaining. We always give such highly-strung souls hollow hope of a future we don’t know about yet

Real resilience is like gold in the modern world, almost impossible to find. But again man can only endure blows from life only to a certain degree.

Those who give up on life aren’t really cowards. On the contrary, they’re courageous souls who have braved through the battles and unfortunately come out mortally wounded.

Not everyone comes back from broken places stronger, not every lost battle is a lesson to take to the next battle. It is unjust to judge those who have given up. So let us not shame those who cannot keep up with the battles.

And still, there are those of us who despite the all-dwarfing bleakness of the sun setting on us, we still look forward to the sun rising on us too.

Isn’t is astounding how different humans are in this regard?

The skill-set here all falls on choices. Choosing one thought over another.

At times resilience may be delusional, but so is succumbing.

Between the two you have a choice, and both will determine your presence on earth



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  1. Nice buddy we share same thoughts. Very true, found myself in a tighter situation but am here because of a choice i decided to cling on, HOPE.
    How I wish people stop caressing others with hollow hope.

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