How to Start your Day the Organised Way!

1. Make your bed. As they say, always say, the state of your bed is the state of your mind. So always make an effort to straighten those sheets and make your bed look good.
2. Clean all your dirty dishes the night before. Trust me, you do not want to wake up to a sink full of dirty dishes, it’ll ruin your morning. Wash the dishes at night and clean your surfaces. When you wake up in the morning just make breakfast and you are ready to go!
3. Do some last minute organising and putting away before you go to bed. This works especially for busy moms with young kids or if you had friends over or just a messy day. Pick those pillows up put them on the sofa, align your furniture, put away the books, and just place everything in order. That sight in the morning will give you the illusion that you have lesser cleaning & tidying to do.
4. To do list. Right before you sleep take a notepad and pen write down all your next day’s to do list. It’ll help you sleep prepared and you wont forget to do anything.

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5. Remove your next day’s outfit complete with shoes and a bag and accessories. You can never be too prepared 🙂
6. Put your electronics to charge. Unless your phone is a super super battery saver we all have had that morning when you are ready to leave and your phone is at 10% charge. So put your phone, laptop, ipad or tablet to charge fully the night before.
7. Finally, wake up early enough. Have atleast 1-2hrs of preparation before you leave. When you wake up late, you have to rush,you’ll leave your bed unmade, your breakfast dishes on the table, your towel on the floor, maybe forget your car keys, etc. Take your time, leave everything in order and be on time! 🙂
Enjoy your organised day!

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