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Thabo Ledimo

Thabo Ledimo is an influential speaker, young entrepreneur who believes in doing thing differently. Using innovation to shake things up and to bring about interruption in the field of brand story telling and branding.

A bookworm and a lover of jazz. He has authored three books and a short story!

The sound of children’s laughs are finer than that of the most exotic music. Even Beethoven in all his genius could not compose a sound so filling. Not just to the human ear but to the soul.


Most men are proud when they announce the great riches they have stumbled to in their journey but it is rare to find one who holds his head high after putting a smile on a child’s face. Besides smiles and laughs cannot be traded in for dollars or rands. But the one thing that is not carved on the man’s mind is that smiles can be traded in for futures.

In every man’s experience there was a time during his boy years that an older person came to him and showed him some kindness and that kindness kept him going. That is the truth behind smiles, they shape futures. On a Friday, sunny like those we have come to be accustomed to the young entrepreneurs from Tennas Platinum, Exqusite Motivity, Glowing Generation together with Dj Khatu created a tornado of generosity. A sparking cocktail of games, laughs, wholesome meals and sheer fun. This all took place at Abangani Enkosini in the township of Alexander, Johannesburg.

The living conditions are not good, the sanitation is not up to standard, and the number of people who come there for assistance does not add up to the inventory that the organization has. And this means that it a hustle to carter for all the needy. Bearing in mind that this organization does not only feed the young, but also the old.

When the African drum is beat, it means that there is something happening, a calling of some sort. And we as young entrepreneurs are beating the drum, calling all those who can help to donate in anyway, it being with your time, your money, or your skills. At the end of the day they will go a long way into putting a smile on that young face!

It starts now #HelpAbanganiEnkosini

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