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Efe Ogufere

Kop and Budding Poet.
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Little girls have found dark places

within themselves to hide from the light.


Brother Jethro likes his fruits

unripe and unsure,

the acerbic taste of its innocence

is an elixir that soothes his madness.


he often quipped,


This is how to become a man

by taking a woman, breaking her in bits,

tying her tongue to her teeth, and

teaching her the values in silence.

returning to her bed each night soaked

in the guilty pleasures of stolen virtue,

a musk that clings to the curse between your legs.



This is how to become a monster

by placing your slender fingers

in forbidden places and groping pillars,

seeking doors that have not known sin.

waiting for sharp piercing sounds of amen,

as they pray to a god that will not answer them.



This is how to become a corpse

lying still, as water ebbs from you,

sticks to your thighs, touches the tiles,

draws a map like a mother giving life.

you see a smile, a knife and your manhood

in the hands of a woman that called you, husband.

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