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My name is Linda Otiende; a Kenyan Fashion Blogger. I think fashion is all about creativity; playing around with what you have to create something unique and stylish out of it. Fashion blogging is an interest I developed about three years ago when I discovered that ladies really go to certain extremes to look good. Yes, you gotta look good but at the end of the day that does not mean that you have to put on the most expensive clothes or shoes to be fashionable. You can work it out in the cheapest of them yet still ooze class!
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Whoever invented thrifting is just a gem!
Let’s not even mention the benefits that come with online thrifting all thanks to the rise in social media use that has taken thrifting to another level. I mean? How awesome is it to just shop from the comfort of your home? And then again, to be able to buy mitumba outfits from the comfort of your home is even more awesome. For this reason, I have become a thrift shopping addict and I’m always telling myself “Ugh!The price is not too much, furthermore I save costs on transport plus the effort and time to actually spend in Toi or Gikomba looking for something”. So big up to whoever sells or has sold me a thrift outfit before on Instagram.
Looking for work outit inspirations check here


Back to my outfit for the day, whoever knows me knows my undying love for A-Line skirts. I find them very easy to wear and the fact that they can be worn to a wedding, to church, to the office or even as casual wear just makes me love them even more. Got the green one I’m wearing on the blog today from an online thrift store for just 600 Kshs (6 Dollars). I will put the details at the end of the post. And can you imagine the crop top was just 200 Kshs (2 Dollars)? Amazing, right? And that is why this thrift shopping addiction is not about to end anytime soon. So ladies, I would advise you to follow some of these online thrift stores especially on Instagram, you will thank me later!
Enjoy today’s post and let me know what you think about this outfit.
Photography Justus Legacy
Outfit Details
Crop Top-trendi_closet (Instagram)
Skirt-Slayerz_World (Instagram)

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