How to Upgrade Your Bedroom without breaking the Bank

Your bedroom is the same old room as it always been. Here are ways to transform it and make it look like it belongs in a five-star hotel without breaking the bank.

Lots and lots of pillows.

Have as many pillows as your bed can accumulate. Pile them up and it won’t  fail you. Have them in different colours and sizes for a fun whimsical look.

Have that cool fluffy soft rug.

Buy a soft rug. Mostly the very fluffy ones. It will not only look expensive but also chic.  Go for bold solid colours like white,  grey,  dark blue, yellow, etc.

Get a chair and a footrest.

If you’ve noticed, every hotel normally has a chair and a footrest. So have one in your bedroom and you’ll have your room looking like a million dollars. Try and get a unique looking chair or you could get an ordinary chair and refurbish it to something unique.

Always have a side table next to your bed.

Make sure it is the same level as the bed so you can even reach it from your bed. You can also accessorize it with a flower vase, a lamp, or even just itself.

Have some expensive-looking piece of art.

The fun thing about this is that you do not have to go to go buy a $50,000 painting. You just take a trip to the antique store buy something vintage renovate it and you have your piece of art. You could also create your own piece of art, a bit of creativity and some equipment is all that you need.

Coordinate colour and texture

One final trick is to make sure you coordinate all your furniture and accessories in colour and texture. If you have too many colours your bedroom will end up looking like a circus rather than a bedroom.

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