Why growing a brand through free service is important? 

Let’s begin here, when Facebook first started in Harvard University it was free; any student around Harvard University could go on to the World Wide Web and use it. Even though the students paid data cost, the company did not make monetary profit, but client profit. Free service is important part of business growth

Free Service builds your Brand

Young people are prone to starting something and asking for money from the get-go. Sometimes can work against you, especially if you want to run a business that will last for a long time. People like their money and they thus want to use their money for the things that will benefit them. If after buying something and there is something wrong with it.  They will go to someone else who offers a better service. In addition, if you are the person who offered the service, your name will be dragged through the mud.

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Feedback– you will get feedback and iterate your product to the customer’s needs.
Brand communication– Clients will give you feedback instead of dragging your name in the dirt.
Loyal customers– people like being part of the process. Once you receive feedback and make changes. They will want to try them out and tell people about it.
By doing this you will have brand Ambassadors from the get go. As a small business you really need noise, you need people who will make sure that your product is known, and eighty percent of the time you will get this from your customers, not a marketing agency.
As the saying goes, you walk before you can run….

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