When those Days come, STAND TALL

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I’m a freelance writer, journalist, poet and blogger venturing mainly in social and community issues, study and analysis of behaviour and life, and the plight of the under-dogs in the society. ‘I feed on human stories.’
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When You Can’t Get A Break

We all know ‘those days’. We all have them, we all bump into them, we all have to deal with them. Those tough rough days.Those days when everything comes crashing on you like an avalanche. Days when you feel alone when the sun is less bright and the storm is too harsh.

When those days come, I want you to know, it’s going to be alright.



It just doesn’t seem alright at the moment. You are about to give up. Nothing is working out. Too much to think about. A lot of stress eating up your head. You wanna quit. You just wanna lay in bed…for eternity…You feel like you are about to drown and lose yourself to the storm.

You wanna scream and cry. Yet you wanna stop all that noise in your head. You want the silence. However, you have to stand up to get to that. You will have to pull yourself from drowning.

Stand tall and dust yourself off

Try to see the positive side of it all. It’s always there. There is nothing like an entire dark day or dark hole. There’s always a positive thing for you. Find that now. As much as the cave is too dark, light up your own fire, the bats will hover around you for a while. Nonetheless, you will have to shake them off. Keep moving further into the dark cave…you will see light on the end of the tunnel. I promise you you will.


It’s too much for you now, but it won’t be tomorrow. Things will straighten up. Although your plans may have failed, you can always come up with other ones. Your wishes may have crashed but there’s always something else in store for you. It’s there. It’s coming. Just hold on a little bit more. Keep walking. Have faith that God won’t and will never abandon you. Keep anticipating your arrival at the destination; getting to the light at the end of the tunnel. However slow your steps are, you still will get there. I can see the light getting closer, can you??

When those days come, do know that it’s going to be better. That YOU are going to get better.

That someday, you will remember these dark days, smile and thank God for the lessons. When those days come, don’t fall apart; STAND TALL.

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