Why Kenyan Creatives No Longer Need to Worry about Funding

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How GrowMyHustle, a new changaing platform is helping creatives bring their projects to life

Fursa Ventures, has launched a new product called GrowMyHustle. An online platform that enables project-creators to fund-raise in order to carry out a short-term project. In return, project creators give non-monetary rewards to the people who support their projects. Thus ensuring both parties gain from this interaction.
“Africans have been crowd-funding since time immemorial. Now we’re just formalizing it in a way that fits the digital space we’re in right now. That’s all. This is nothing new.”Says Head of Operations at GrowMyHustle, Clement Obonyo.
On the other hand, Head of Partnerships Martie Mtange shares, “We’re going beyond just likes and follows.
Someone can like your portfolio on social media. However, if you were to put up an exhibition, would they support you with their money? I know a couple of people who I’d give my money to in a heartbeat if they publicize their projects.”


Martie Mtange Head of Partnership

Several initiatives to help fund creative projects have been established. Some of them enabling investors who may not fully understand the creative economy to judge the merit of creative pursuits. Others such as the Kenyan recreation of “Shark Tank” shutting down creative entrepreneurs due to a perceived lack of prospective profitability.
GrowMyHustle understands that creative entrepreneurs have solid fans who resonate with their work. Rather than a shadow investor who does not understand or connect with a creative entrepreneurs’ work.

In order to reduce hassle for project creators and build trust with all the supporters and fans. GrowMyHustle has put various measures in place:

– They release the money contributed to the project-creator only after the project has been
deemed successful and in a drip-format. Hence the money is received in small portions based on the specific milestones outlined by the project-creator to his/her supporters at the start of the project
– They personally ensure that all those who contributed to the project receive the rewards they were promised by the project-creator based on the amounts they contributed.

Joan Marwa Head of Infrastructure

Head over to our site and make your dream a reality www.growmyhustle.com

About Fursa Ventures

Fursa Ventures is the parent company to GrowMyHustle and it specializes in providing operational
solutions for Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses.
If you would like more information about this company, please contact Martie Mtange or Clement
Obonyo at +254 711964878 or email at info@growmyhustle.com.

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