Who is a Tagu Tribeperson?

Personalities TraitsA Tagu person have the following character traits:– Rule based– Strict – Very adhering to the law– Leadership qualities– Adhere to traditions HobbiesA Tagu tribesman enjoys listening to podcasts and watching movies. Cooking and working out are their least preferred activities. Does this describe you? Find out more about your tribe by learning its …

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Origins of The Ayande Tribe

The people of Ayande tribe were the craftsmen and blacksmiths in the Mbiu nation. The traditional blacksmith’s identity was wrought by the almost-mythical prestige that he commands and by the near-mystical power that he wields and manipulates, after an extensive, secretive initiation. The blacksmith was a veritable force-tamer, with his uncanny, trans-mundane ability to harness iron …

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