Eventually Bomani reached the gates of the Ayande tribe. The kinsmen are known for their craftsmanship and their love for entertainment. They had the best weavers, blacksmiths and tanners in the whole Mbiu nation. The
challenge for him was to learn the warrior dance. The best dancer in the village who was a tall dumb man took him to one of the huts and work began on training him on the dance. He had to learn it overnight and dance in front of the whole village the next morning. The dance was very complex and intricate .He was not a good dancer. He really struggled but kept at it the whole night. As the sun started revealing itself like a newborn child, a massive gathering started to form in the middle of the village. People were chanting and jumping in excitement as they waited for him. The noise was palpable.

He put on a warrior dress with arm bands and leg bands made of sisal.His face was covered with vertical line marks painted in white on his forehead and both of his cheeks.He had to look the part for this big occasion. For the event to begin, a horn was blown .
He began the dance. With each step, he grew anxious and anxious. The crowd started chanting and howling like a pack of wolves,playing their part in the whole occasion. After three attempts, he succeeded. The tall,dumb man made his way to him. He hugged him and left him with a gift

The gift was a shield.one of the finest he has ever seen. The best artisans of the tribe took their time to make it

ayande tribe shield

Gazing at the marvelous village and its people,he stepped out of the tribal village. He took time to appreciate the journey thus far and.The harbinger of the rest of the journey . Eventually, he walked into the sunset, ready for the true journey to be the ultimate warrior

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