Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Secret to be the Ultimate Warrior – Tagu Tribe

Bomani,a son of Africa,once asked an old wise seer “what is the secret to be an ultimate warrior?”.For a long time he had idolized the warriors within the African continent. Their tales of conquest and plunder. The old man answered “the journey is long and challenging. The first important step is to go to the...
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Zatura Tribe – Journey in the hot and dry Desert

Zatura tribe was in the south. A dry area that could get really sunny and hot. A desert. The Zatura tribe were nomads.They were intelligent and witty. He walked his way to the main village where the noblemen were.The village was beautifully constructed.Each house with beautiful designs painted on the outside of it.Most were made...
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Ayande Tribe : The craftsmen from Mbiu

Eventually Bomani reached the gates of the Ayande tribe. The kinsmen are known for their craftsmanship and their love for entertainment. They had the best weavers, blacksmiths and tanners in the whole Mbiu nation. The challenge for him was to learn the warrior dance. The best dancer in the village who was a tall dumb...
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