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Cartoon Drawing

“I’ve never stopped loving cartoons. I loved cartoons as a kid. I can still look at them and enjoy them.”
Using a pencil,coloured pencil/crayons,coloured markers etc..(No Biros)
Draw your favourite cartoon growing up and upload

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Winnie M

African spirituality

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Welcome to Magicians

Artifact: Wooden Staff

Powers: comes visit you,you can make them go back a step in safari

you get 50 mwandas points for completing any sub-level within warriors

Get additional staff by getting an initiates into warrior or buy 90 with mwanda points

You have also unlocked the Online treasure hunt to be done by  both Magicians and Healers

Crossword puzzle

Do the crossword puzzle on the local language newspaper e.g in Kenya and Tanzania the local newspaper is in Kiswahili

the important thing is that you upload the puzzle for that specific day.we have to see the date on the newspaper

the Monday crossword should be uploaded on Monday and not Tuesday and so forth

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Soda Challenge

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You are now a Warrior..You can fight against other warriors to defend your tribe

You now get 40 mwanda points for finishing every sub-level

Artifact: Spears

Powers: to be used in head to automatically win

you also have access to the murder mystery

you can jump a challenge by using two additional spear obtained by getting newbie into initiates or buying using 70 mwandas


Take a pic/video of you stacking bottle tops as high as you can.They can only be Coke,Sprite and Fanta.

Bare minimum 6 of them and not the plastic bottle tops.the ones from glass sodas

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Skin care routine

Solve the word scramble for skin-care routine and upload the photo once solved


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Password question after skin care routine

How long did it take for Bonza to be ready for initiation?