Complete Profile Guide

Signing Up

If you having difficulties signing up with  the sign up form you can use your socials to register an account.If it persists reach out to our team on whatsapp at +254713405804. Multiple failed attempts will close you out of the site for hours.

Accessing Profile Settings

There are three scenarios to consider .

  • If you signed up using the register form and you are logging in for the first time . You will start from Step 2
  •  If you signed up using any social media networks and you are logging in for the first time. You will start from Step 1
  • If you had already started some of the steps and left halfway and you are wondering how to get back. You start from the profile settings  or use the profile completeness it is in your overview tab or go to the specific step remaining as we have shown below
Profile Settings
Profile Completeness Guide

Step 1:Complete Profile Fields

If you have not been able to finish your profile fields . We will request you to first finish your profile fields.

The profile fields are usually found under profile settings>introduction information

This happens if you have signed up using social media

Step 2 : Upload Profile Photo

After filling in the profile fields, you will be requested to put a profile photo.Below is the video of the process

Upon successful uploading of the profile photo you will get success message same as below

Another way of accessing your profile photo is using the green icon circled in blue in your profile settings.

Accessing Profile Photo

Step 3: Upload Profile Cover/Cover Image

The next step will be to upload your photo cover/cover image. Below is a video of the process

If you have uploaded an image that is not the correct size. The photo will be uploaded successful but you will not get a success message instead  the red button written delete my cover image will appear .  This button will be your assurance that you photo has been uploaded successfully even though it is not the right size.

If you upload a photo which is the correct size. It will show a confirmation message 

Another way to access the cover image/profile cover is using the pink icon circled in blue in your profile settings

Accessing Cover Image

Srep 4: Input Social Networks

This the last step to get 100% on your profile and so that your account can open up. You access this page by click on the purple button circled in blue.

In put your Instagram profile URL

How to put your Social Networks URL

Other Important Functions

Switch Off Email Notifications

Click on account settings>notifications

How to add Friends and Join a group

Click on the profile menu (circled in blue below) for add friends click on members .
In order to joni a group you click on group

Check Newsfeed

To find out what your friends are upto. Click on the profile menu circle in blue below. In the activity tab you click on the menu and click on friends