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The quiz is based on a made-up event called Mbiu Day. Mbiu Day is a fun and bonding event filled with good music, lots of games and an enjoyable crowd. It is held every 3 months at a popular spot in Nairobi. The event is an immersive experience in the Mbiu Nation which is made of four tribes. Zatura , Ayande, Kurwu and Tagu.


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Mbiu day is here and the whole nation is abuzz. Which of the following describes
you more?

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During a Fun day like Mbiu day. How do you choose between many fun events?

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You are excited to go for an event. Unfortunately, your friend pulls out the last
minute. What describes you best?

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You have picked your companions for the day. Where would you be interested in going first?

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You are exploring the forests and its mysteries when you start hearing funny sounds coming from deep within the woods. What describes you best.

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Hunger begins to set in and all around you there is food. What kind of food would you be interested in.

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Your belly is now full. And your energy is at its peak. What activity are you interested in trying out?

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The day is now slowly coming to an end and the light disappearing. People are now grouping up to listen to stories from the tribe elders. What type of stories
would you be interested in?

9 / 10

One of the elders walking about strikes a conversation with you. He tells you of long forgotten customs. You?

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The closing Bonfire is lit, and the activities begin winding up as people break into song appreciating the maker for all his mercies. Once at this point where can you be found?