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What you need to know

  • What is Afrikan Mbiu?

Mbiu means horn. The whole name comes from the Swahili methali “Mbiu ya mgambo ikilia kuna jambo”. We are blowing the horn for afrika to raise up.

  • Why did you come up with Mbiu Nation?

Our main aim is to bring people tog ether to have fun and bond authentically. The way our society is shaped up we have different types of expectations of who we should be  from our family ,friends,society our tribe, our gender. Sometimes all these expectations might be in conflict with who we are are and cause internal conflict. In the tribe you find like minded people who you dont have to be struggle  you can bond and have lots in common just being yourself.

The tribes are made up.

The quiz is based on a made-up event called Mbiu Day. Mbiu Day is a fun and bonding event filled with good music, lots of games and an enjoyable crowd. It is held every 3 months at a popular spot in Nairobi. The event is an immersive experience in the Mbiu Nation which is made of four tribes. Zatura , Ayande, Kurwu and Tagu.

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