East African 90s music quiz

Hello fellow tribe mates. This quiz we put all the 4 tribes against each other. It is a continuation of the festival after a successful style challenge. It is time we test your musical knowledge. The rules are simple the tribe with most perfect score wins.

For those that have not done the test . Here is the link https://www.afrikanmbiu.com/discover-tribe/





The challenge was exciting and a real throwback. It was attempted over 200 times. The highest score was 12/16 which was remarkable. 

Below are the key highlights and answers to the questions



This was awarded to the tribe that had the most participants doing the quiz the most . 54 Zatura tribepeople did the quiz .

Top 3 of the winning tribe

The prizes were given to the top 3 for the winning tribes. Below are the top 3 from the winning tribe

King Nzulu - 12/16

Bernadette - 10/16

Cynthia - 10/16

Other Worthy mentions

These are top scores from other tribes that deserve mentions and special recognition. The will be awarded 4 Mwanda points each.Learn about Mwanda Points below

Mary from Kurwu got 14/16

Christine from Ayande 12/16

Abigael from Kurwu 11/16


We will now go through each question and give the showcase how people’s answers and the actual answer

This came from the first stanza for Juacali song Kiasi

This lyric came from the chorus from Mr.Lenny

Sauti Sol first album is called Mwanzo. Sol Filosofia is the second studio album 

This came from the first stanza from Nonini in Furahi Day

This came from the second stanza of Mbagala by Diamond

These lyrics came from the third verse of the hit Atoti

Kesepiki is by Bebe Cool

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