Bomani,a son of Africa,once asked an old wise seer “what is the secret to be an ultimate warrior?”.For a long time he had idolized the warriors within the African continent. Their tales of conquest and plunder.
The old man answered “the journey is long and challenging. The first important step is to go to the villages of each of the four main tribes of the Mbiu nation. In each tribe you will face a test which if you pass you will be given a powerful weapon that will be important for your journey to become the ultimate warrior”
The four main tribes in Mbiu nation were Tagu, Zatura, Kurwu and Ayande. He went back home and picked his belonging knowing very well the journey will be long, arduous and treacherous. Like a hawk in the sky watching its prey he knew focus was key in this journey. Looking up to God he prayed silently and set on his way to the first tribe in the North, Tagu.

Tagu was a tribe in the grey majestic hills shrouded in mist. The rocky terrain was difficult to navigate. The Tagu tribe are the hunters in the whole Mbiu nation. They are not to too friendly with outsiders. The journey to the village was tiring and intensive. One of the villagers blew a horn as he approached the gates. A signal that an outsider was approaching.

He was allowed in and walked straight to the palace as people howled like wolves for every step he took towards the king. He knelt down and confidently said” I am on the quest to be an ultimate warrior and I have to pass four tests from each tribes of the Mbiu nation.It all begins here in Tagu”
The king calmly said.”the challenge is simple. Beat our strongest champion, Dubaku in a wrestling match” He whistled for the match to begin. Tests don’t get intimidating as this. This was new territory. He waited both restlessly and eagerly. A tall muscular man barged in. No sooner had he stepped in,than he leapt towards him. The match had begun.There were cheers as everyone chanted the Dubakus name .After what seemed like a lifetime, Bomani won by using his small size to his advantage. Dubaku greeted him in show of respect.

Bomani’s eyes turned and faced the king. With his finest spear,he performed a ritual and gave him and concluded “Let this spear be at your sides at all times to help you in your journey”.

Tagu Tribe Spear

With his spear clutched tightly, he set path towards the East where Kurwu village was.

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