Who is an Ayande Tribeperson?

Personality Traits
Ayande people are geeks. Consider computer wizards. Smart and talented. Shy and introverted. They are kind. They can fit in any social situation. They are our social chameleons.However they are truly themselves mostly in their closed circles where they are comfortable enough to try things.

Going out for drinks with friends is the most preferred activity for the Ayande people.
Hiking/camping and watching documentaries are a close second with both of them being tied.
Reading non-fiction, meditation and playing board games is their least preferred activities of choice

Does this describe you? Find out more about your tribe by learning its heroes and origins below.

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24 thoughts on “Who is an Ayande Tribeperson?”

  1. I’m so excited to be in this tribe. I would love to know more about my tribemates here. Thanks Alice for showing me about Mbiu nation

  2. This tribe completely describes me. The results are 100% accurate and i love the fact that I’m in the tribe that I completely fit in. I’m looking forward to the D-day and the fun activities

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