Zatura tribe was in the south. A dry area that could get really sunny and hot. A desert. The Zatura tribe were nomads.They were intelligent and witty. He walked his way to the main village where the noblemen were.The village was beautifully constructed.Each house with beautiful designs painted on the outside of it.Most were made out of mud with well engraved wooden doors and windows.

Zatura Tribe Hut

One of the noblemen approached him and confidently uttered, “the task you need to get through to get the warrior gift is to walk in the desert for 40 days to a place called Guerdon and back. Once there you will receive a wrapped package. Don’t open it till you get back”.
Bomani knew this was a tall order and braced himself for the arduous task, the first ten days were the toughest.Walking had never been a challenge for him but doing it in when it was both sunny and windy was the real test.on the tenth day, the dry dusty wind blew so hard that it left a thick heavy fog hanging suspended in the air like a puppet.He could not see and walking was a challenge that he needed to crouch as he walked to protect his eyes from the sand even though he had tied a cloth on his head that protected his face

Bomani had a mantra clear as the sky etched in his mind as pushed through the journey.”Fear no forest because it is dense”. He finished and came back with the package.“I have finished the task please give me the gift”,he asked the nobleman. “You already have it.” he retorted.

The gift was the wrapped package. He opened it and in it was a beautiful gourd flask. With that he bid them farewell and soon the nobleman could not see him with the naked eye.

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